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Rex Hiebert presenting 'Software Development for 3D Graphics and Animation'

On October 9, 2014, 3Dmotif had the honor of presenting "Software Development for 3D Graphics and Animation” to the Artificial Intelligence Technology Club of San Jacinto College, at the request of Reyna Ploch. We greatly appreciate the students and faculty that attended the event and the interest that was shown in the topic. It was very exciting to see how higher education is embracing solid software development methodology and the field of game/simulation design.

Presenting at San Jacinto College

The presentation started with a brief introduction of 3Dmotif, followed by samples of our work. This included animations and still images of FPSOs, TLPs, deep water production platform concepts, subsea production equipment, and project overview models from our Oil and Gas portfolio. We then discussed the end-to-end workflow, looking for those areas where software development could potentially streamline the process.

Among the topics discussed in the presentation where:

  • The importance of “good geometry” for rendering or real-time engines.
  • Using Python scripting in Maya to build optimized meshes from engineering models.
  • The use of C# to streamline the model import and scene setup when moving models from Maya to Unity. The focus was on faster setup and reducing the number of data-related errors.
  • Incorporating models into a 3D world, and the application architecture behind the scenes to provide functionality. This was a combination of C# in Unity and C# on the ASP.NET MVC platform with a MySQL database.

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to speak with one of the faculty who was in attendance, Pam Betts, Professor in the Computer Science Department at San Jacinto College South. Her knowledge and experience cover a very broad range of topics and provide her with a solid basis for the courses that she teaches and oversees. We were especially impressed with the fact that her Object Oriented Game Design class starts off by designing a table-top board game before ever touching a computer. This really allows the students to understand and embrace good design principles. We look forward to seeing what these talented and well-trained graduates will be accomplishing in the future.

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Production Stills

Many of the still images we create end up in presentations, as posters, or published alongside an article in a trade magazine like Offshore and Offshore Engineer. A single image can convey more understanding at a glance than a full page of text.

Animation & Video

Show, don’t tell. Let us build a custom animation that tells your story. You can explain the inner workings of your latest design or show things below the surface that can’t be captured by video footage. Our animations have been used to pitch new concepts around the world and have been utilized in television news reports.

Real-Time Interaction

Some problems need to be examined in 3D for the solution to be found. 3Dmotif has created custom real-time interactive applications for our clients which allowed them to explore a variety of solutions in a cost-efficient manner.

Contract Services

3Dmotif can provide contract staff for engineers and designers to support many Oil & Gas projects.

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