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3DRV and Rex Hiebert at Reality Computing On October 20, 2014, 3Dmotif attended an Autodesk-sponsored MeetUp in Houston on the topic of Reality Computing as part of the 3DRV tour. A number of hardware and software vendors were onhand to demonstrate their technology and discuss how it is utilized in the field. Of particular interest were the Faro tripod-mounted laser scanners and the DotProduct handheld scanners, two products that are very helpful in speeding up the data acquisition process. Autodesk also showed their ReCap products which are used to create models from laser scans or photogrammetry ReCap360.

When we started 3Dmotif, we focused primarily on creating presentation graphics and animation. As our customers experienced our high-quality models, they requested that the same models be actioned for logistical use. The value in being able to manipulate an object in a 3D space to help solve complex problems became even more clear. Since that time, we have been moving into Reality Computing - building tools to allow our customers to solve problems in a virtual environment built from real-world data.

HP Compressor model from photos to high poly to low poly for simulation For one of our recent projects, we started by taking maximal photographs of a compressor. We then used Autodesk ReCap360 to create a mesh from these photos. Our artists then brought this mesh into Autodesk Maya to reduce the number of polygons, build out the rest of the model, and rig for simulation. This model was then incorporated into a simulation that allowed the client to work in a 3D environment to test numerous solutions for removing the compressor for maintenance. This testing would be cost-prohibitive and time-consuming to conduct in the real environment.

As hardware and software improve and become more affordable, Reality Computing will progress into compelling new areas. 3Dmotif is excited to be part of this dynamic, growing field.

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Production Stills

Many of the still images we create end up in presentations, as posters, or published alongside an article in a trade magazine like Offshore and Offshore Engineer. A single image can convey more understanding at a glance than a full page of text.

Animation & Video

Show, don’t tell. Let us build a custom animation that tells your story. You can explain the inner workings of your latest design or show things below the surface that can’t be captured by video footage. Our animations have been used to pitch new concepts around the world and have been utilized in television news reports.

Real-Time Interaction

Some problems need to be examined in 3D for the solution to be found. 3Dmotif has created custom real-time interactive applications for our clients which allowed them to explore a variety of solutions in a cost-efficient manner.

Contract Services

3Dmotif can provide contract staff for engineers and designers to support many Oil & Gas projects.

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