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James Barnette examines the Well Bay mural

On October 31, 2014, 3Dmotif, at the invitation of Wink Miller, stopped by the offices of Houston Offshore Engineering to see HOE’s new offices which include three massive murals created by 3Dmotif. James Barnette, Project Lead for 3Dmotif, was there to explain the processes used to create the massive renders.

SPAR Hull Interior

Of the three images, two were completely computer generated. The “Well Bay” and the “SPAR Hull Interior” both started as PDMS models which were then taken into Autodesk Maya for additional modeling, lighting and texturing before being rendered in V-Ray for Maya. In the case of the “Well Bay”, workers, in appropriate PPE, were added to help give a sense of scale. When printed and mounted on the wall, the renderings were up to 10 feet tall and 36 feet across!

Houston Offshore Engineering Lobby - Mars B and Mars A

The third image, which shows Mars A (background) and Mars B (foreground), was from actual photographs taken during sail out. Since the flare boom was not installed until after Mars B was on location, 3Dmotif added a digital flare boom to complete the image.

We look forward to going back when the next round of murals have been installed!

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Production Stills

Many of the still images we create end up in presentations, as posters, or published alongside an article in a trade magazine like Offshore and Offshore Engineer. A single image can convey more understanding at a glance than a full page of text.

Animation & Video

Show, don’t tell. Let us build a custom animation that tells your story. You can explain the inner workings of your latest design or show things below the surface that can’t be captured by video footage. Our animations have been used to pitch new concepts around the world and have been utilized in television news reports.

Real-Time Interaction

Some problems need to be examined in 3D for the solution to be found. 3Dmotif has created custom real-time interactive applications for our clients which allowed them to explore a variety of solutions in a cost-efficient manner.

Contract Services

3Dmotif can provide contract staff for engineers and designers to support many Oil & Gas projects.

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