In a single image, you can capture details that would take hours to explain. An image will catch your eye and draw you in. It can show things that can't be photographed and things only imagined. Our stills and presentation graphics can be used to inspire or inform your client. Give them a vision for what you can do for them and they will want more.

Design software is focused on designing every structural, piping and electrical element and making sure it can be cataloged and searched. But for a presentation (other than a technical review), you just want it to look good. Most packages now include modules to create basic presentation graphics. But in this competitive market, you can't afford to have just "adequate" presentations. When your business needs to stand out, you need to look your best. That's where we come in.

The example shown above is an E-TLP. On the left is the render from the design software. On the right is the final poster we produced, starting from the same 3D model.

First, we cleaning up the rough geometry. We then replaced a number of elements like the crane, hosereels, lifeboat, etc. that were really "placeholder" objects in the design software. We added additional elements like the details on the tendons and the life-preservers to fill in information that wasn't in the design model. The hull was designed by another engineering company so, as you can see (above left), the model that we were given was not very detailed. We built our hull model based on the available 2D AutoCAD drawings.

Next, we applied textures to the various surfaces. Some are simple textures and others are based on photographic references. We added smaller details like the markings on the hull and the patterns on the deck and heli-pad as indicated in the 2D drawings. We then set the model in an environment and added lights. With the model and environment ready to go, we can render a single image or create an animation. We can shoot above or below the surface and show details that wouldn't be captured by regular photography. We can remove a deck and peer into a lower section if needed.

In the end, you have a stunning, eye-catching image that stands out and gets your company noticed. Peruse our portfolio of production stills to see more.